William Blair turns ONE!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

He is 22% in height and 23% in weight and 38% in head circumference.  He did well as his check up and got 4 shots in his legs.  Since he was a premie, these percentages aren't so bad.  We will now feed him on demand and have already started whole milk (which he thankfully loves).
We did a family dinner for his first birthday and he loved the cake that Nana made for him.
He's now walking, crawling slowly, clapping finally, eating everything.  He likes walking, playing with Lydia, people watching, any type of carb (bread mostly), feeding Harley from the table, wearing hats, being outside, shaking rattles, music or anyone singing to him, watching Harley out the window, etc.  He doesn't like not being able to walk, eczema, teeth coming in, ear infections, someone taking a toy he is currently playing with, Lydia's loud screams in his face, falling down or falling on his face, etc.  I don't like any of those things either though.

Not sure how it turned into a princess dress up party...but leave it to Lydia...ha!

Notice my face while the big kids blow out his candle...ha!  My gut reaction.